Instrumentalist and singer:
Freelance musician, available for recording and collaborations with interests in sound and vibration.

Style: Improvisational Intuitive and Free.

Instruments: Viola, Hand Pan, Native American Flutes, Kamele N'Goni, Guitar, Strumstick Dulcimer.

Vocal styles:
Vocal versatility to include.
Jazz, Blues, Folk, Trance, Ethereal, Scat. Vocal Sounds.
A bit of Human Trumpet:)

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The Album. My First Album 'SO far' released 24/12/2021

My original songs and some of my instrumental creations have found their way to disc and digital destinations...

I have had great pleasure creating this it has taken 4 years to evolve, to the point I felt I could share and deliver to those who have been asking for my music, thank you for the encouragement.

My Next Album will embrace my passion for musical absorbance and with that my hope is relaxation for the listener.