Absorbance Experience

Absorbance Experience
The Absorbance of a beautiful saturating sound can be very beneficial to our bodies. Cleverly constructed musical loops of ever changing sounds performed with selected live instruments, offer a purity of sound to the body giving positive effects on our mind, body and soul. Settling a being to peace and tranquillity.
All instruments have there benefits, but this experience uses no gongs, drums, singing bowls or didgeridoos. Just live 'Pure' resounding instruments and the crystal clear, but subtle sounds of tuning forks with a sprinkling of chimes.
Pure sounds penetrate and transcend the body peacefully and deeply. It is a gentle and a musical experience to relaxation.

This service is available in the private home as well as at events and festivals. Also perfect for a meditation after Yoga. Or for delivering relaxation to the ongoing care of employees wellbeing in the corporate environment.
SamandSound is part of a fabulous and unique new venture. Joining forces with the very talented and experienced Mel and Tracy Wright. we have formed.

'Sammeltra' Movement of Sound

With 14 years of performing at venues around the country. Together we bring a Voyage of inter woven musical sound.
Beautifully created harmonious vibrations to take you on a mindful journey. Effective frequency's that resonate to you personally to soothe your mind and body.

We use a diverse range of instruments, some of which are home made to make unique sounds blending in SamandSounds' ethereal vocals and sonorous instruments. This is an experience unlike any other. A musical tapestry stitched with love and kindness.