(Absorbance Experience)
I was so lucky to have the chance to enjoy Sam’s Absorbance Experience with my family. She came to our home and created this magical healing space right in our living room. Sam has such a lovely presence and the sounds she creates with her instruments are on another level! It feels like entering a new world when bathing in these magical healing sounds. 

The session was so relaxing and a wonderful experience in every way for all of us. We enjoyed it to the fullest. Even my teenage boy said it was the best relaxation he had ever experienced.

I can not recommend Sam enough and her amazing healing Absorbing Therapy. It is truly a magical experience
The Butterfly Path.
I collaborated with Sam on creating an original music track and video for a festival compilation CD. Apart from being musically and vocally gifted she had a great grasp of both the broad sweep and the detail of what was needed. Her musical vision and energy transformed a basic track into a much more sophisticated piece than I would have been able to create on my own. That applied to the video as well, where she made many suggestions to make sure the images fitted the style of the music.

(Film Music)
"Thank you so much, Sam, for creating the soundtrack to my little puppet film. The music reflected the mood of the piece, captured the characters and matched the action on screen. Delivered on brief and on schedule - thank you!" Anna Shiels, Banana Moon Puppets

(Recording work)
I have used SamandSound's vocals on many of my productions dating back years. She is so versatile I have never had to go to anyone else for female vox. She has a great way of trying all kinds of different styles/ approaches in any session until we are both happy. Many times she has added ideas I haven't even thought of which have made the final result better. Very capable, professional and a good communicator. We have a great laugh too!
- HatStandy